An Academy Awards Appetizer

I barely know what an amuse bouche* is, but every time they hand me one, I’m deLIGHTed – and frustrated, too. Nice, to get a little taste treat but little is the operative word. I think they could do some re-branding.  Call it a … (hold on. I need to trot over to Google translate)  – call it a décevoir bouche. Hm.

At any rate, that might be what I’m offering here, hours before the Oscars begin. At midnight, right after ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ screened, the stars of the film appeared to sing a  few songs. (Bluegrass music is a big part of the story). It was a sweet little treat.  Johan Heldenbergh, who played the male lead and wrote the play the film was based on, only learned to play an instrument at 40, and – as fun facts you don’t really need to know go, it’s wonderful.

Behind the glossy glamour of the movie biz are people who mostly care about creating stories from the world’s messy material. I love that about film and filmmakers and actors. Veerle Baetens’ acting chops put her in the same league as some of our best actresses and she’s warm and unpretentious (in a merry fairy kind of way).

As an aside, I saw The Great Beauty (La grade bellezza), also nominated for Best Foreign Language film. Gorgeous, completely captivating. It was … film champagne. Someone who needs their narratives to follow Hollywood formula might think it’s artsy, but it’s not.


* ‘amusement for the mouth’  – the teensiest appetizer you’ll ever get, but considered a delicacy.

10 thoughts on “An Academy Awards Appetizer

    • Sweet and pure, isn’t it? (when one considers it sounds sweet and pure on an iphone mic, I think you’ve got to give it to her. :)) I feel like I should disclose – to you in particular – that The Broken Circle Breakdown (although much loved by many) had some … um … big leap moments at precisely the moments when someone wants the story to sit solid. (I’m really good – talented, even – at suspending disbelief, but when it comes to dramatic arcs, I need those to be real arcs.)

      The Great Beauty won the Oscar and is available on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch it all over again. 🙂

    • Wow. So much time’s gone by, I think the statute of embarrassment’s been disabled. I AM going to be writing soon. (Thanks for asking. :)) I’ve been filling up my other blog at – and time went by.

    • Hi Brenda! What a lovely and incredibly thoughtful thing to ask. Thank you. I


      well and just LET myself get busy. I didn’t understand WordPress when I started (and probably STILL don’t), but I’ve been dabbling over on my other blog (that still gets the name Travelosopher attached to it. Hmph. They should know people like me don’t read all the instructions before starting. Ha!) (I do wish you had any minutes to visit it – it’s my watercolored blog. Blah blah blah. Any second now, though, I mean to return here because this was, after all, the blog I WANTED to do.

      I don’t know. I thought it was all supposed to get easier.

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