The super short version:

About Me

The slightly longer version: I live in Santa Barbara, California now and have for a pretty long time, a condition that continues to surprise me. I’ve also lived in Chicago, Iowa, Minneapolis, Hollywood, Budapest, London and Bury St. Edmunds.

This is what I do:I animate and write and draw and watercolor, but I don’t do landscapes.  I paint characters, all sorts of characters, because I’m always sketching and designing them for the animation.

This is why I’m doing Travelosopher: I only began animating because of travel, because of a visit to Omaha Beach in Normandy.  As powerful as words and images are, I wondered if another medium might be able to better capture that strange concoction of what we can see and what we can feel and what historical detail we know and what our imaginations do with it all.  A little bit of the experience.

Now is the time for me to start trying to do that, to mix it all up – the words, the pictures, the videos, the animation. I want to explore all sorts of ideas about travel and how to get the best experience possible.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Sounds like a great reason to do a blog 🙂 I have a similar story, I pushed myself to blog so I can have regular progress on a children’s book I am working on. Blogging about the process and the experience to get there encourages me, otherwise I might have fallen out of that project.I look forward to seeing the results of your experiment!

    • I know! (about your similar story, I mean). I think it’s wonderful, WONDERful that you’re putting your process and progress out there. There’s something very intimate about that! (I’m going to do at least a little better with this blog now that I got my OTHER blog and business (as it were) going. :))

    • It’s hard to tell if you’re going crazy from this vantage point, but at least you’ve got some good detective skills. Ha. Good find and thank you! – I am sad, though – those emojis expect me to have a very current OS and I think I’m still wandering around Mountain Lion. Me, I can’t stand how they want me to keep upgrading everything – probably because most of the programs I use are ridiculously expensive. Sigh. But sigh with a 🙂

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