Wishes to Take Traveling

This is my animated holiday greeting card with my truest wishes for the season. They’re also my truest wishes for the year. And the world. They’re wishes that take a little work but have a lot of rewards.

Just like traveling.

14 thoughts on “Wishes to Take Traveling

    • 🙂 I hope that (my sad smiley face) says more than it looks like it says. Ha. I wrote a big long thing on my other blog, so now I’m apparently all about thr zen brevity. (But not really, because this has turned into a very long ps.)

  1. Oh Cris, thanks so much for the Holiday wishes! Your book came, and it’s wonderful – I may find a little one to give it to and then again…..I may just keep it:0)). I love hearing from you and wish you a very merry one also!!

    • I just learned that ‘giddy’ does not mean what I think it meant. And I’m going to guess that applies to a whole lot of us. But I do not care. This made me giddy, that you’d come all the way over here. It feels like a secret note! And even better! You like the book! I hope you keep it. :):) Thank you!

    • Please. Is there a happier thing to read?! They are very happy to be where they can snuggle in. Can’t even tell you how I know this – they really have monster minds of their own. :):) Thank you for making room in your Life (and the kitties’, too!) for them. Love, love, love!

    • Oh, Carole! You found me here, too! I might as well just stay here. :):) J’adore votre j’adore! I am sorry, but that’s how I mess with French and Italian. And German. And Hungarian. And, now that I think of it, English, too! Happiest holiday to you!!

      • Well, most of the time I actually speak Franglais–half French, half English. It’s not as elegant as one might think 😉

        Happy holidays to you too, Cris!

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